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AEM Products

Dialog Generator

With the Dialog Generator, your development team can work faster, more reliably, and more efficiently. Create both Classic UI and Touch UI dialogs more dynamically 

Custom Dialogs

Custom dialogs simplify the work of your content authors by adding custom functions to the classic AEM dialogs that are not possible with AEM. 

REACT Integration with SSR (Decoupled React Components)

By using the integration approach “Decoupled React-Components” the development effort directly in the AEM is minimal. No Java classes have to be written for each component, the generation of the XML files is done by the dialog generator. 

Tracking Library

Using the tracking library, your development teams can use a custom API to send tracking calls according to your requirements. 

more Products

Primeleads by Spyla

As a sister company of Teclead, Spyla has developed Primleads, an innovative B2B tracking & sales product.